CRO Circle 2024 (in Russian) – Leading Business-Minded Risk Management

Join our CRO Circle 2024 in Russian for risk professionals and managers in the financial sector if you are aiming to lead risk management with a business mindset.

Develop your personal and technical leadership through our holistic approach and lead risk management as an essential part of your institution’s engine, running in sync with all its moving parts. The Circle provides insight, knowledge, feedback, advice, best practices, mentoring and challenges on technical risk management topics (credit, financial, operational), leadership, people & talent development, relationship building, impactful communication and influencing others around you. Together we work towards building a smarter, integrated, comprehensive executive risk management.

CRO Circle 2024

Who for

  • Prospective and experienced CROs (and equivalent) who want to develop to support their institutions and the industry with greater impact.

When & Where

  • A series of live sessions, in-person and virtual over 8 months, on-site sessions take place in Turkey.


  • The program includes group sessions, technical trainings and workshops, individual learning and online meetings, as well as individual mentoring.
    • Time commitment required: 24 days in total.
      7 days in person, 8 virtual days, 10 hours of mentoring + 8 days for individual & group projects & preparation work.
  • Circle to include 8-12 participants.


  • EUR 12,000 per participant
    (includes tuition, lunch, coffee-breaks on-site)


Trainer Team

  • The CRO Circle and all its sessions are led by two co-leaders who are industry risk professionals, experienced managers, coaches, trainers and consultants. They challenge and support circle members through experiential learning methods, and in individual and group settings throughout the program.

Svetlana Tolmacheva
CFO, CEO and Mentor

Asmus Rotne
CEO and Mentor

Evgeniy Maksakov
CRO, CBO and Mentor

Andrei Zainulin
CRO, CBO and Mentor

Ana Khvtisiashvili
Financial Risk Manager and Consultant

Carmen Geil
Leadership Coach, Consultant and Program Coordinator

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have.
  • Please find our brochure in Russian here.
  • For IFIs interested in sponsoring participants, please find a slightly extended brochure here in English and in Russian.