ID Management Services

Operating partner

Overall management responsibility for banks or MFIs


… to facilitate new investments

  • Identification of an investment target, due diligence analysis, development of a business plan
  • Secondment of an executive management team
  • Provision of functional support as part of know-how transfer and to boost capacity in specific areas

… to manage turnaround

  • In-depth analysis of the institution and preparation of a turnaround plan
  • Secondment of executive management and guidance of local teams to implement agreed measures
  • Strengthening of specific functional areas

Interim management

  • Secondment of senior or executive managers to bridge succession gaps
  • Support for the induction and training of new managers
  • Provision of additional functional support as requested

Shadow management

  • Mentoring of newly hired or recently promoted senior/executive managers
  • Mentoring combined with leadership training, if desired and appropriate

Management advisory

  • Support for executive management teams during periods of change, e.g.:
    • major efficiency enhancement programs
    • strategy change
    • institutional mergers