ID Investments & Restructurings

Support for new investments

Portfolio data analysis (ID Analyzer)

  • Comprehensive portfolio report based on granular loan data
  • Identification of hidden issues in the portfolio, e.g. unflagged restructuring
  • Calculation of expected credit loss (ECL)
  • Vintage analysis and other analytical dimensions

Portfolio assessment and review of credit risk management

  • Portfolio data analysis (Level 1), plus:
  • Sample review of client loan exposures
  • Review and assessment of key lending processes and underwriting
  • Observations and recommendations on lending process, underwriting, loan recovery

Institutional due diligence

  • Portfolio assessment and review of credit risk management (Level 2), plus:
  • Review and assessment of financials and financial projections
  • Review of other selected operational areas (e.g. deposit attraction)
  • Assessment of institutional capacity and competency

Financial restructurings

Analysis – Level 3 review, including

  • Review of strategy and business operation
  • Credit risk assessment and loan portfolio review, incl. ECL
  • Financial due diligence
  • Review of financial projections, taking into account identified portfolio issues, provisioning needs, productivity levels, and available management capacity

Restructuring solutions

  • Restructuring proposal as a basis for negotiation among stakeholders
  • Strategy revision / adjustment
  • Support during negotiations

Other services

  • Monitoring to ensure implementation of agreed actions
  • Provision of accompanying measures to support turnaround
  • Managing wind-down and providing equity fronting
  • Equity valuation