ID Investments & Restructurings

Support for new investments

Portfolio data analysis (ID Analyzer)

  • Comprehensive portfolio report
  • Identification of hidden restructuring and other issues in the portfolio
  • Calculation of expected credit loss
  • Vintage analysis

Portfolio valuation and review of credit risk management

  • Portfolio data analysis (Level 1), plus:
  • Sample review of client loan exposures
  • Review and assessment of key lending processes and underwriting

Institutional review

  • Portfolio valuation and review of credit risk management (Level 2), plus:
  • Review of other selected operational areas (e.g. deposit attraction), or
  • Full institutional review
  • Observations and recommendations

Financial restructurings


Comprehensive financial restructuring package and accompanying implementation support, based on an in-depth institutional review


  • In-depth assessment of the institution and its financials, strategy and business plan as well as an understanding of key drivers, critical success factors and key risks and limitations
  • Restructuring proposal with a revised business strategy and accompanying financial projections, turnaround support, monitoring, management services, etc.


Data analysis, meetings and interviews with management and
key personnel at HQ and branch level, file review, client visits
and branch visits.

Combination of on-site and off-site analysis.